Dr Robert Fuchs is awarded the Richard M Hogg Prize

Robert Fuchs博士榮獲「Richard M Hogg」獎

Date: 28 Sep 2016 (Wednesday)


English scholar awarded best paper prize by international linguistic body


Dr Robert Fuchs, Research Assistant Professor of the Department of English Language and Literature, recently won the Richard M Hogg Prize of the International Society for the Linguistics of English (ISLE) for his paper “Near-Mergers in Postcolonial Varieties of English – The /v/-/w/ Contrast in Educated Indian English”.

Dr Fuchs is the first scholar from Hong Kong to have received the Richard M Hogg Prize since its establishment in 2008. He said, “I feel honoured to be awarded this prestigious prize and feel that this is also an expression of the increasing relevance of the study of emerging dialects of English around the world. The colonial era has long passed, but English is there to stay in many countries and territories, such as in India and Hong Kong. These emerging dialects are highly contested, most of all locally. Yet I think we can all agree that the social and linguistic context of young Indians and Hong Kong people learning English are quite different from the study of languages such as Japanese and German as a foreign language.”

ISLE offers an annual Richard M Hogg Prize for a paper on any research-related topic in English language or English linguistics by an early-career scholar.

英國語言文學系研究助理教授Robert Fuchs博士最近憑論文〈Near-Mergers in Postcolonial Varieties of English – The /v/-/w/ Contrast in Educated Indian English〉,榮獲國際英語語言學學會頒發「Richard M Hogg」獎。

Robert Fuchs博士是該獎自2008年設立以來首位得獎的香港學者,他對獲獎表示榮幸,認為反映了近年新興英語方言的研究受到國際學術界重視。他說,雖然印度和香港等地脫離殖民統治已有一段長時間,但英語仍受重視,即使這些新興英語方言仍未發展成熟,但相信在印度和香港的社會和語言環境裡,新一代對學習英語的態度與學習日語和德語等外語有明顯差別。

國際英語語言學學會每年頒發「Richard M Hogg」獎,給在英國語文或英國語言學研究上表現出色的年輕學者。