The College of International Education honours (front row, fourth from left) Ms Bobo Lee, Dr Josephine Yau and Ms Anna Yuen through the 2015-16 Teaching Excellence Award.


Date: 27 Sep 2016 (Tuesday)


CIE presents Teaching Excellence Award to recognise three teachers


The College of International Education of the School of Continuing Education organised its second Teaching Excellence Award scheme to recognise three teaching staff for their outstanding teaching performance.

This year, the award recipients are Ms Bobo Lee from the Division of Arts and Languages; Dr Josephine Yau from the Division of Social Sciences; and Ms Anna Yuen from the Division of Communication.

Ms Bobo Lee said that sometimes students think there are few real-life applications of literary appreciation or that it is unrelated to their specialties. Therefore, she prepares teaching materials that cite current affairs articles to connect textbook learning with real-life examples to aid student learning.

Dr Josephine Yau not only teaches psychology, but also cares about students’ psychological health. She said students have yet to explore their full potential, hence they tend to underestimate their own capabilities. Dr Yau encourages students to take a challenge and build their self-belief.

Ms Anna Yuen said she believes that communication is a subject comprising both theory and practice. She keeps abreast of students’ understanding of the media industry, and considers experiential learning of vital importance to whole person education. She is keen on finding internship opportunities for her students and organising large-scale activities in order to enhance students’ learning and teamwork skills.