Faculty members and students of the School of Chinese Medicine join to review the outcome of the “Community of Practice on Whole Person Education in Medical Service” project at the sharing session


Chinese medicine students provide acupuncture treatment to a cerebral palsy patient in Qinghai


Date: 23 Sep 2016 (Friday)


School of Chinese Medicine’s learning project enhances students’ service leadership


The School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) held a sharing session on 15 September to review the outcome of its project “Community of Practice on Whole Person Education in Medical Service”. On the occasion, a total of 24 HKBU students were presented with certificates in recognition of their participation in the service learning project through which they helped the underprivileged community in Qinghai, China by providing Chinese medicine services.

With $500,000 funding from the University Grants Committee, SCM launched the project in 2014 with the aim of nurturing the whole person, equipping students with attributes such as citizenship, creativity, communication skills and teamwork through a series of extra-curricular and experiential learning activities. Under the guidance of faculty members, students were able to offer medical consultations and services to the underprivileged and successfully integrated service learning elements into a traditional classroom setting.

In the last two years, the School organised the service learning project in Qinghai during the summer holidays. A total of 31 faculty members and students provided free Chinese medicine consultation services to charity and welfare organisations in Qinghai Province. They provided acupuncture, bone-setting and skeleton manipulation treatment to older adults in nursing homes as well as children and young patients suffering from cerebral palsy. Furthermore, they also taught local healthcare workers some basic Chinese medicine knowledge so that they may continue the provision of Chinese healthcare services to those in need.

Professor Zhang Hongqi of the Teaching and Research Division of SCM who was in charge of the project said Chinese medicine education is well suited to putting service learning into practice. The service learning project in Qinghai not only supplemented the inadequacy of traditional classroom learning, but also provided students with the opportunity to deal with real cases of illness so as to enrich their clinical experience and to enable them to understand the importance of good communication with patients.