Tom Chung-man (right) thanks his father’s effort through his work “Rice”, which wins the Karin Weber Art Award.


The glass installation work “Reaching” by Tang Ming-sum wins the Affordable Art Fair Art Award.

鄧明心同學的玻璃裝置藝術作品「延伸」獲頒發全場唯一的「Affordable Art Fair藝術獎」。

Lam Siu-ying uses egg membrane as a source of creation to produce her work entitled “A piece of cover”, which wins the Fresh Trend Art Award.


Date: 05 Sep 2016 (Monday)


Visual Arts fresh graduates win awards at joint art exhibition


At the recent Fresh Trend 2016 Art Graduates Joint Exhibition, three fresh graduates of the Academy of Visual Arts of HKBU won the Karin Weber Art Award and the Affordable Art Fair Art Award, two of the exhibition’s biggest awards, as well as the Fresh Trend Art Award. The joint show displays the work of 30 graduating students chosen from the Department of Fine Arts of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Art School and Academy of Visual Arts of HKBU. HKBU students’ performance is extraordinary given that the two of the most prominent awards of the show were claimed by them.

The curator of the joint exhibition considers that the work this year showed the creative and innovative spirit of the new generation as well as the post-90s generation’s sensibility and exquisiteness in art. In addition, the curator said the winning work delicately recalled the artists’ memories.

Tom Chung-man won the Karin Weber Art Award for his work entitled “Rice”. He expressed his appreciation towards his father for raising him by collecting sweat from his daily running, purifying it into salt and turns it into rice through an art form. He hopes that the audience would find his work moving.

Tang Ming-sum received the Affordable Art Fair Art Award for her work entitled “Reaching”, a glass installation on windows mounted on classic wooden frames found on Kai Tak campus of HKBU. Through the tension between inner and outer space displaying the malleability of glass, she wants to emphasize the imaginations conjured by glass windows. Ming-sum considers the award an encouragement for her to continue with art creation. In future, she wishes to explore many more possibilities of transforming glass into art and to show the attractiveness of glass to the audience.

Lam Siu-ying won the Fresh Trend Art Award for her work entitled “A piece of cover”. In her work, Siu-ying turned egg membrane into a series of tiny consumer goods packaging to explore its value. She thinks that although small daily necessities are sometimes easily neglected, they are a source of creation. She added that, “Some people may say visiting our exhibition is not meant for appreciating how mature our works are, but to see our pureness and ‘immaturity’. As a fresh graduate, there is hope as I can go on with creation.”

Organised by Hong Kong Art Network, the Fresh Trend 2016 Art Graduates Joint Exhibition is now open at the Exhibition Hall of Hong Kong City Hall in Central until 9 September.

浸會大學視覺藝術院三位應屆畢業生憑藉細緻的藝術創作於「出爐2016藝術畢業生聯展」分別奪得「出爐藝術新秀獎」及全場唯一的「凱倫偉伯畫廊藝術獎」及「Affordable Art Fair藝術獎」。聯展集合了香港中文大學藝術系、香港藝術學院、浸會大學視覺藝術院獲提名的30位應屆本科畢業同學的作品。由三間院校的參展同學競逐的兩個藝術大獎,均由浸大視覺藝術院同學獲得,成績令人鼓舞。



鄧明心同學的作品「延伸」獲頒發「Affordable Art Fair藝術獎」。鄧同學在浸大啟德校園的古典木窗鑲上向外伸展的幼長玻璃裝置,利用玻璃的延展性表達渴求、冀盼的張力。鄧同學認為獎項鼓勵她繼續創作,她期望日後可透過更多不同的玻璃創作,向大家展示玻璃的吸引力。


藝術聯展由藝術團體香港藝術網絡主辦,現正於中環香港大會堂低座展覽廳舉行,展期至9 月9日。