The Lions and Hong Kong Baptist University Chinese Medicine Charity Foundation will organise Free Chinese Medical Consultation Days to celebrate its 10th anniversary


Date: 18 Aug 2016 (Thursday)


“The Lions and HKBU Chinese Medicine Charity Foundation” provides free medical consultations in celebration of its 10th anniversary


“The Lions and Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) Chinese Medicine Charity Foundation” jointly set up by the University and the Lions Club in September 2007 is entering the 10th anniversary of its establishment this year. The Foundation announced at a press conference today (18 August) the details of its celebratory activities. A patient was also invited to share about the Chinese medicine treatment he received and how he has benefited from the Foundation’s “Privilege Scheme of Chinese Medicine Service for Elderly”. 

Professor Bian Zhaoxiang, Associate Vice-President and Director of the Clinical Division, School of Chinese Medicine (SCM), who is also a board director of the Foundation said that SCM provides quality Chinese medicine services to prevent and treat a number of diseases and at the same time conducts drug discovery and clinical research in the field of Chinese medicine to further improve such treatment.

Professor Li Min, Director of the Teaching and Research Division, SCM, also a board director of the Foundation introduced the advantages of Chinese medicine in treating common aging-associated diseases such as cancer, cardio-cerebrovascular diseases and neurodegenerative diseases.

The Foundation called on underprivileged older adults to apply for the “Privilege Scheme of Chinese Medicine Service for Elderly” so that they can receive subsidised treatment at HKBU’s designated Chinese medicine clinics. The Foundation hopes that more people would donate to the Scheme to benefit more people in the community.

In addition, the Foundation will provide free Chinese medicine consultations on 19 and 22 September to help older adults with chronic diseases and financial difficulties. For details, please visit:

浸大與獅子會於2007年攜手成立的「獅子會與香港浸會大學中醫藥慈善基金」今年邁向第10年。基金今日 (8月18日) 舉行新聞發佈會,介紹10周年活動詳情,並邀得一位有長期病患的病人分享其接受中醫藥治療的經驗,以及基金的「長者愛心診症咭計劃」如何紓緩他的醫療開支壓力。