Dr Christy Cheung (right) receives the Emerald Literati Award 2016 for her outstanding co-authored paper from Ms Julie Lim, Account Management Executive of Emerald Group Publishing

張美君博士 (右) 獲Emerald Group Publishing代表林佳儀小姐頒發Emerald Literati Award 2016卓越論文獎

Date: 02 Jun 2016 (Thursday)


Dr Christy Cheung wins Emerald Literati Award for outstanding paper

工商管理學院張美君博士喜獲Emerald Literati卓越論文獎

The paper entitled “Building brand loyalty through user engagement in online brand communities in social networking sites”, co-authored by Dr Christy Cheung, Associate Professor of the Department of Finance and Decision Sciences, was chosen as an Outstanding Paper at the Emerald Literati Award 2016.

The award-winning paper introduced the concept of user engagement in social media research and empirically examined its role in building brand loyalty in online brand communities. The results indicated the importance of user engagement behaviours for building brand loyalty through online communities, and provided social networking site administrators with strategies to engage members in online brand communities on social networking sites such as Facebook.

Dr Cheung said: “It's my great honour to receive this international award which recognises my scholarly research work. This study is timely and offers important insights in understanding the role of social networking sites in building brand loyalty. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the University for offering support through the Faculty Research Grant.”

Every year, Emerald Group Publishing invites the editorial board of each journal to nominate an "Outstanding Paper" based on six major criteria: internationality; diversity; support for scholarly research; encouragement of applied research (impact); commitment to high quality scholarship; and a desire to ensure reader, author and customer experience is the best it can be.

工商管理學院財務及決策學系副教授張美君博士的合著論文〈Building brand loyalty through user engagement in online brand communities in social networking sites〉,最近獲選為Emerald Literati Award 2016卓越論文。



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