Mr Victor Choi Wang-kuing (left) presents the Gilt Painted Stone Sculpture -- Master of Medicine to President Roland Chin

蔡宏炯先生 (左) 送贈一座「鎏金五彩藥王孫思邈坐虎針龍石雕像」予錢大康校長

A valuable donated item of the Ming Dynasty: Gilt Painted Stone Sculpture -- Master of Medicine


A rare donated item: Stone Sculpture -- Old Man of the South Pole”


Date: 24 May 2016 (Tuesday)


School of Chinese Medicine receives antique collection from Dragon Culture Charity Fund Limited


The School of Chinese Medicine recently received a valuable collection of 21 pieces/sets of antiques and artifacts generously donated by the Dragon Culture Charity Fund Limited. The donated items are now on permanent display at the Dr and Mrs Hung Hin Shiu Museum of Chinese Medicine of the School of Chinese Medicine.

In recognition of the generous support from the Dragon Culture Charity Fund Limited to HKBU, the School of Chinese Medicine held a donation ceremony today (24 May). Officiating at the ceremony were Mr Victor Choi Wang-kuing, Founder of Dragon Culture Charity Fund Limited; Professor Roland Chin, President and Vice-Chancellor, HKBU; and Professor Lu Aiping, Dean of the School of Chinese Medicine, HKBU.

Speaking at the ceremony, Professor Lu Aiping said that the School has been dedicated to the development of education and research on Chinese Medicine, popularising the knowledge of Chinese medicine and benefitting the community through the provision of first-rate clinical services and quality Chinese medicine healthcare products. The Chinese Medicine Museum of HKBU plays an important role in fostering the development of Chinese medicine in Hong Kong. It also serves as a window through which the local community and people from all around the world can learn more about Chinese medicine, thereby making a significant contribution to enhancing Chinese medicine knowledge.
The donated items, which are related to Chinese medicine and with dates ranging from the Neolithic Era to the early 20th century, depict the close correlation between Chinese medicine and the daily life of the ancient Chinese people over the past several thousands of years. The collection includes a Ming dynasty gilt painted stone sculpture depicting the folklore of Sun Simiao riding a tiger and administering acupuncture on a dragon king, a Neolithic stone sculpture in the shape of a larva, some daily utensils dating from the Warring States Period to the Han Dynasty, a Han Dynasty pottery sculpture of a witch doctor, pottery stove for burial, a Ming Dynasty stone sculpture of the Old Man of the South Pole, and incense burners dating to the early 20th century.
Since its establishment in 2007, the Dr and Mrs Hung Hin Shiu Museum of Chinese Medicine ( has been open to the public for free and attracts nearly 5,000 visitors per year. Over the years, the Museum received tremendous support from members of the public, with a cumulative total of more than 50,000 visitors as of today. It now boasts a collection of more than 200 exhibits, including among others a Ming Dynasty replica of a Song Dynasty bronze human figure that shows the acupoints. The generous donation from the Dragon Culture Charity Fund Limited is a valuable addition to the Museum’s collection.


為了答謝「龍的文化慈善基金」對浸大的慷慨支持,中醫藥學院今日 (5月24日) 舉行捐贈儀式,由「龍的文化慈善基金」創辦人蔡宏炯先生、浸大校長錢大康教授和中醫藥學院院長呂愛平教授聯合主禮。

呂 愛平教授於儀式上致辭時表示,中醫藥學院除了致力於中醫藥教學和科研,亦透過提供一級的中醫醫療保健服務和開發優質的中藥保健產品,保障市民健康和提升公 眾對中醫藥的認識。學院的中醫藥博物館對推動中醫藥在香港的發展尤其重要,擔當著學院與社會的橋樑,讓市民和來自世界各地的人士認識中醫藥,對中醫藥知識 普及化作出重要貢獻。

是次捐贈的文物主要為新石器時代至民國時期與中醫藥相關的珍貴古文物,展示了幾千年來中醫藥與中華民族日常生活的密 切關係,當中包括明代鎏金五彩藥王孫思邈坐虎針龍石雕像、新石器時代蠶身蛹石雕、戰國至漢代時期的器皿、漢代巫醫陶俑、陶爐等冥器、明代南極仙翁石雕、民 國時期熏香爐等。

浸大孔憲紹博士伉儷中醫藥博物館 ( 自2007年成立以來,免費開放予公眾人士參觀,一直得到社會各界人士的大力支持,每年吸引近5,000名人士到訪參觀,至今已接待了逾5萬名人士。博物 館館藏200餘件珍貴展品,其中包括一座「明代正統仿宋針灸銅人」,今次獲得「龍的文化慈善基金」慷慨捐贈珍貴文物,更加豐富了博物館的館藏。