Mrs Solin Sham (back row, centre), Consultant of the Office of Student Affairs, congratulates the three award winners Ngan Chiu-ming (front row), Chu Ho-yun (back row, left) and Huang Xuemei

學生事務處顧問沈黃素蓮女士 (後排中) 代表大學祝賀三位得獎同學顏招銘 (前排)、朱可殷 (後排左) 和黃雪梅

Date: 22 Mar 2016 (Tuesday)


HKBU students win recognition for outstanding community services


Three HKBU students were recently recognised for their outstanding engagement with the community. Ngan Chiu-ming (Information Systems and e-Business Management, Year 4) was nominated by the University to participate in the Outstanding Youth Commendation Scheme co-organised by the Home Affairs Bureau and Commission on Youth. He was one of the five winners in Hong Kong this year to be named among the “Top 10 Outstanding Youths” (Kowloon City/Open category). In addition, Chu Ho-yun (Film and Media Arts, Year 4) and Huang Xuemei (Social Work, Year 3) were also nominated by non-government organisations to join the Scheme and went on to win the Remarkable Youth Awards (Open category) in the respective districts.

Ngan Chiu-ming suffers from muscular dystrophy and has had to travel in a wheelchair ever since he was a child. He co-operated with a university in Taiwan to develop a free smartphone app which provides information on around 400 barrier-free restaurants in Hong Kong so people with disabilities and mobility difficulties can obtain relevant information free of charge. Moreover, the app has created employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Training on collecting information and writing reviews on barrier-free access is provided by the platform. Chiu-ming hoped that he could continue to design more smartphone apps for people with disabilities in future so as to promote an inclusive and harmonious community. His exceptional achievements, leadership potential and dedication to serving the community impressed the adjudicating panel, and successfully won him the “Top 10 Outstanding Youths” award (Kowloon City/Open category).

In addition, Chu Ho-yun and Huang Xuemei were also awarded the Remarkable Youth Awards (Open category) in Eastern district and Kwun Tong respectively for their commendable community service. Ho-yun has served the role of leader since she was in secondary school and has been actively engaged in voluntary services. Her outstanding performance in voluntary services has won her numerous awards over the years. During her studies in HKBU, Ho-yun dedicated herself in various youth leadership training programmes and proactively liaised with different parties to organise youth activities. Xuemei has been taking part in youth exchange programmes and national education activities since she was in secondary school. She has also continuously taken part in voluntary services for the past eight years, wholeheartedly serving individuals from the underprivileged strata and people in need.

The Outstanding Youth Commendation Scheme aims to commend youths for their outstanding personal achievements (in areas such as academic fields, sports or art), their leadership potential and dedication to serving the community, and to encourage youths to set targets for their personal development and to actively take part in community building and social services.

浸大三位同學最近憑卓越社區服務表現獲得嘉許。顏招銘同學 (資訊系統及電子商貿學四年級) 得到大學提名參加由民政事務局與青年事務委員會舉辦的「優秀青年嘉許計劃」,成功當選為本年度「十大優秀青年」(九龍城/公開組),成為全港五位得主之一。另外,朱可殷同學 (電影與媒體藝術四年級) 與黃雪梅同學 (社會工作三年級) 亦獲得非牟利服務機構提名參加計劃,分別獲得所屬地區的公開組「優異獎」。



「優秀青年嘉許計劃」目的是為嘉許在個人成就 (包括學術、體育或藝術) 上的卓越表現和領袖潛能,以及對社區作出傑出貢獻的青年,並鼓勵青年為個人發展訂下目標,積極參與建設社區和投入參與社會服務。