The festival helps enhance visitors’ understanding and knowledge of Chinese medicine beauty care


Date: 04 Mar 2016 (Friday)


Chinese Medicine Society organises festival to introduce concept of Chinese medicine beauty care


The HKBU Chinese Medicine Society organised the 17th Chinese medicine festival on Chinese medicine beauty care at Domain Mall in Yau Tong from 27 to 28 February. Through free medical consultations, seminars, workshops, game booths, music and dance performances, the activity introduced to the public the importance of achieving physical beauty through a healthy approach and enhanced visitors’ understanding of the benefits of Chinese medicine.

Common factors that affect appearance, such as obesity, sallow skin tone, dull skin texture and occurrence of wrinkles, were highlighted at the exhibition. The concept of Chinese medicine beauty care emphasises the harmony between inner and outer beauty. The health of the human internal organs is closely related to facial appearance. In other words, according to the Chinese medicine perspective, maintaining a healthy body is necessary to achieve optimal appearance.

From the Chinese medicine principle of “treatment based on syndrome differentiation”, Chinese medicine practitioners usually adopt the use of herbal medicine, cuisine, acupuncture, tui na as a kind of beauty treatment to achieve satisfactory cosmetology effect while at the same time improve the condition of the body.