The HKBU student team, beating over 1,500 teams, wins the championship in the GATSBY Student CM Awards.


Date: 01 Mar 2016 (Tuesday)


HKBU students excel at student commercial movie award


Ricky Chung Ka-kit (Film and Media Arts, Year 3), Julius Lee Man-kei (Organisational Communication, Year 4) and Billy Law Yiu-ting (Film and Media Arts, Year 4) won the championship in the 10th GATSBY Student CM Awards, beating over 1,500 teams from around the world.
The team only took one full day to complete the entire production process, from writing the storyline to filming the award-winning commercial entitled Alien Sneeze by Gatsby. The innovative idea of the movie, which has an alien with allergic rhinitis, was commended by the judges and was the key to winning the top award in the contest. 
The movie also tapped into viewers’ concerns, Ricky explained that allergic rhinitis is one of the most common metropolitan illnesses in Hong Kong. In addition, given that alien life could exist, it stirs up people’s unlimited imagination and curiosity. 
The GATSBY Student CM Awards is one of notable commercial movie competitions in the world, and the story and filming skills exhibited in the submissions are always regarded as containing a high level of creativity. Ricky said teammates were surprised to win the top award as their original reason for taking part in the contest was to broaden their vision and to learn from other participants.
The award-winning commercial will be broadcast in Japan and will be recommended for participation in the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Ricky said that the award boosted their confidence in creating and producing short movies. They will continue to treasure any learning opportunity and produce more high quality movies in order to attain their goal of establishing a professional movie production house.    

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