The Chinese debating team is delighted to claim the championship title at the first intervarsity debate competition organised by the Hong Kong (Asia) Youth Association Limited


Date: 22 Feb 2016 (Monday)


Chinese debating team shines in intervarsity debate competition


The HKBU Chinese debating team excelled in the first intervarsity debate competition organised by the Hong Kong (Asia) Youth Association Limited that was held recently. Competing with nine local tertiary institutions, the 14-member team performed brilliantly with its strong team spirit and successfully won the championship after three rounds of vigorous contests. Team member Martin Wu (Chinese Language and Literature, Year 2), Bobby Yau (China Studies – Geography, Year 2) and Wong Man-lung (China Studies, Year 1) were named the Best Debater respectively in the contests.
In the preliminary contests and semifinal, the HKBU team beat The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and The Hong Kong Institute of Education respectively. Team member Martin Wu, Bobby Yau and Wong Man-lung captured the Best Debater awards respectively in different rounds of the contest.
The HKBU team met its opponent – City University of Hong Kong – in the final and put forward persuasive arguments against the motion “Young people to gain more life experience by starting a business than getting a job”. The HKBU team was crowned champion with a score of 3 to 2 while Martin Wu was selected as the Best Debater once again for his outstanding performance in the final contest.
Eunice Chau (Sociology, Year 2), President of the Chinese debating team, was delighted that the team achieved such a good result in the competition. She said: “The team members have taken a good guiding role this time, leading nine newly joined Year 1 students to take part in the competition. This also provides us a good opportunity to train our members so that they will be well prepared for another upcoming annual intervarsity debate contest.”

浸大中文辯論隊早前參加由香港亞洲青年協會主辦的第一屆全港大專院校辯論比賽「香港亞青盃」,經過三回合的連場激戰後,一行14人的辯論隊憑著傑出表現和團體合作精神,成功從9間本地大專院校中脫穎而出,勇奪冠軍寶座,其中三位隊員胡文軒同學 (中國語言文學二年級) 、游正僖同學 (中國研究──地理二年級) 和王文龍同學 (中國研究一年級) 更分別在賽事中榮膺「最佳辯論員」。
中文辯論隊主席周琬雯同學 (社會學二年級) 對於隊伍在比賽中獲獎表示高興,她說:「今次是新任莊員帶領9位新加入的一年級隊員參賽,不但起了教導傳承的作用,亦是一個『練兵』的好機會,為辯論隊參加日後舉行的年度大專盃賽事作好充足準備。」