Professor Jeremy Nicholson shares his valuable insights on Chinese medicine research

Jeremy Nicholson教授分享他對中醫藥研究的獨特見解

Date: 29 Jan 2016 (Friday)


“Father of metabolomics” discusses application of systems biology approaches in SCM distinguished scholar lecture

代謝組學之父主講中醫藥傑出學人講座 討論系統生物學在傳統中醫藥的應用

The School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) hosted a lecture under the SCM Distinguished Scholar Lecture Series on 19 January. Dubbed the Father of metabolomics, Professor Jeremy Nicholson, Head of Department of Surgery, Cancer and Interventional Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London, was invited to speak on the topic “Top-Down Systems Biology Approaches in Traditional Chinese Medicine: Bridging East and West Science and Eastern Medicine”.
In his lecture, Professor Nicholson said that global systems biology approaches can be applied to all stages of TCM analysis, quality control, toxicity monitoring, bioavailability and efficacy investigations. Systems biology approaches determine the mechanisms of action which enable further TCM optimisation.
A world-renowned expert in biological chemistry, Professor Nicholson currently holds honorary professorships at eight universities around the world and was elected as an Albert Einstein Honorary Professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2014. He has authored over 600 peer-reviewed papers on molecular aspects of complex system failure and systems medicine with over 46,000 citations. 

中醫藥學院於1月19日舉辦傑出學人講座,邀得在國際上享有「代謝組學之父」稱號的倫敦帝國學院醫學院外科、腫瘤科及介入醫學系主任Jeremy Nicholson教授主講「自上而下系統生物學在傳統中醫藥中的應用:融貫東西方科學和東方醫學」。