Yvette plans to turn part of her MPhil thesis into a book in Chinese to let more people know about Hong Kong’s creative culture.


Date: 28 Jan 2016 (Thursday)


HKBU student wins Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fellowship


Yvette Wong (MPhil in Humanities and Creative Writing, Year 2), nominated by the University, will receive a HK$50,000 scholarship under the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fellowships 2015-16 for postgraduate students. This year, only four fellowships were made available for postgraduate students from the eight universities to compete for. 
Yvette’s MPhil thesis focuses on “wenyi qingnian” (art enthusiasts) in Hong Kong. She said, there tends to be a lot of discussion on ethnicity or education, while the subject of art enthusiasts has been relatively overlooked in literature. Her thesis is based on interviews with four art enthusiasts from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s generations. Through the interviews, Yvette learnt that the art enthusiasts have made significant contributions to the development of creative culture in Hong Kong. Upon completion of her studies in HKBU, Yvette plans to pursue PhD studies in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In addition, she will translate the interviews with the art enthusiasts into Chinese and publish a book to enable more people to know about this topic.