Professor Christopher Keyes (front), Dr Ronnie Shroff (second row, right), and their cross disciplinary team’s contribution to enhancing teaching and learning receives recognition.

祁道緯教授(前)、Ronnie Shroff博士(第二排右)與他們的跨學科團隊在促進教與學的貢獻獲得認同。

Date: 20 Jan 2016 (Wednesday)


Cross disciplinary team wins international award for paper on ubiquitous learning mobile app


A team of cross disciplinary scholars who formed the newly established Resource Centre for Ubiquitous Learning & Integrated Pedagogy at HKBU recently won the International Award for Excellence from an international journal for their paper on mobile applications that support ubiquitous learning. 
The HKBU team comprises Professor Christopher Keyes of the Department of Music and Director of the Centre, Dr Ronnie Shroff, Instructional Design Specialist and Assistant Director of the Centre, and Dr Warren Linger, former Lecturer of the School of Continuing Education. Their paper entitled “A Proposed Taxonomy of Theoretical and Pedagogical Perspectives of Mobile Applications to Support Ubiquitous Learning” received the International Award for Excellence from Ubiquitous Learning: An International Journal 8 (2015): 23-44 presented by Common Ground Publishing in the US. The paper was selected from among the 10 highest-ranking papers for the award. 
The team proposed a framework of taxonomy to facilitate better understanding of the theoretical and pedagogical perspectives relating to the use of mobile apps in education to support ubiquitous learning. Professor Christopher Keyes said “One of our aims is to create a generation of learners who see the world as their classroom. We create apps that are also able to provide a bridge from the classroom to the real world applications for expanded learning outside of the classroom.” This optimises communication, interaction and connectivity, engaging students and their teachers, and encouraging future academic endeavours. 
The Centre aims to support teaching staff and students’ pedagogical needs through the development of free mobile apps. 
For more information on the Centre and their apps, please visit:

浸大的團隊由音樂系教授及該中心主任祁道緯教授、中心副主任及教學設計人員Ronnie Shroff博士和持續教育學院前講師 Warren Linger博士等組成。他們題為「A Proposed Taxonomy of Theoretical and Pedagogical Perspectives of Mobile Applications to Support Ubiquitous Learning」的論文獲得期刊《Ubiquitous Learning: An International Journal》(美國:Common Ground出版社,2015年第8期,頁23-44)頒發國際傑出獎。該獎從十篇排名最高的論文選出。