Mr Liang Chao once again demonstrates his brilliance in bone research at the annual conference of Hong Kong Institution of Science


Date: 24 Dec 2015 (Thursday)


SCM research student Liang Chao selected for honorable mention in the life science category of the Young Scientist Award


Mr Liang Chao, PhD student of the School of Chinese Medicine (SCM), was recently selected for an honorable mention in the life science category of the Young Scientist Award. He was recognised by the Hong Kong Institution of Science (HKIS) for his outstanding performance in bone research. 
At the recent 23rd annual conference of HKIS, Mr Liang presented his research project entitled “Aptamer-functionalised Lipid Nanoparticles (LNPs) Targeting Osteoblasts as a Novel RNA Interference-based Bone Anabolic Strategy”. The project introduced an aptamer-functionalised lipid nanoparticles delivery system which could achieve accumulation of osteogenic siRNAs in osteoblasts and promote bone formation in animal models with established osteoporosis. This study facilitates cellular level delivery of osteogenic siRNAs and clinical translation of RNA interference strategy in skeletal metabolic disease with impaired bone formation. 
The Award is established by HKIS to honour young scientists and engineers in Hong Kong who show great promise in research in the fields of physical/mathematical science, life science and engineering science. HKIS was established in 1992 to foster the development of science in Hong Kong and to facilitate the strengthening of links with scientific communities on the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and overseas. It plays an important role in fostering the development of innovation and technology in Hong Kong.