Jeremy Leung wins the first prize at the Inter-University German Speech Competition.


Date: 20 Nov 2015 (Friday)


HKBU student comes out on top at Inter-University German Speech Competition


Jeremy Leung (European Studies, Year 2) captured the first prize at the 5th Inter-University German Speech Competition. He was awarded an all-expenses-paid, two-week course at Goethe-Institut in Germany where he will study German language and culture later this year.
Jeremy expressed his gratitude to Dr Chaudhuri Tushar, Assistant Professor of the Department of Government and International Studies who inspired him to focus his speech on German products which the audience could relate to through their contact in daily life. As a result, Jeremy’s lively presentation struck a chord with the audience and led him to win the competition. 
The theme of this year's speech competition is: "In search of German in Hong Kong". German language departments of local universities were invited to select a student to take part in the competition hosted by Goethe-Institut. The speakers were adjudicated on the basis of content, argumentation approach, language skills as well as creativity in interpreting the theme.

他感謝政治及國際關係系助理教授Chaudhuri Tushar博士的指導,並啟發他以日常生活中所接觸到的德國產品為講題。憑著貼合生活的講題及生動的表達方法,健生在比賽中脫穎而出。