SCM uses a computerised human body model to introduce participants to acupoints.


Participants show interest in different kinds of Chinese medicine.


Date: 02 Nov 2015 (Monday)


School of Chinese Medicine showcases modern healthy lifestyle at InnoCarnival

中醫藥學院參與創新科技嘉年華   展現健康生活

The School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) is staging an exhibition at the InnoCarnival being held at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park. Revolving around the theme of “Leading a Modern Healthy Lifestyle through Traditional Chinese Medicine”, the exhibition aims to educate the public on how health and wellbeing can be achieved in today’s world through maintaining a healthy lifestyle according to Chinese medicine principles.
The exhibition showcases different health preservation methods, namely through diet, adapting to seasonal changes, exercises, acupoints and regulating one’s body constitution. Through interactive edutainment activities, such as tai chi somatosensory game, tai chi augmented reality game, quizzes and databases on Chinese medicines, learning acupoints using a computerised human body model and assessing one’s body constitution through a computer programme, visitors will learn about Chinese medicine in a whole new way.
A publication entitled Chinese Medicine Healthcare Guidebook is also given free of charge to visitors. In addition, a series of Chinese medicine seminars by SCM experts have been organised for the carnival to introduce the use of Chinese medicine for the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, bone and joint diseases, as well as different health preservation methods, including adaptation to seasonal changes and the benefits of baduanjin, which is one of the Chinese qigong exercises.
The SCM exhibition, supported by the Innovation and Technology Fund, continues until Sunday (8 November).