Chan Ho-fai (centre) wins the 2nd runner-up prize in the Best in Features Video Reporting category.


Date: 28 Oct 2015 (Wednesday)


HKBU graduate wins 2nd runner-up in Campus Newspaper Awards


Chan Ho-fai, a fresh graduate with a degree in Chinese Journalism, recently won the 2nd runner-up prize in the Best in Features Video Reporting category of the 2014-15 China Daily Campus Newspaper Awards. 
For the 10-minute award-winning video entitled “Whatsapps – new generations”, Ho-fai employed a number of typical cases to demonstrate how WhatsApp permeates the daily lives of people from different social strata and has become an indispensable means of communication.
Currently a broadcast journalist, Ho-fai said there is a general perception that journalism students are only good at news writing but they can in fact produce in-depth video reports with their high-level shooting, editing and dubbing skills as well. He said that the award has boosted his confidence with regard to his future development.
Ho-fai expressed his gratitude to Ms Bonnie Chiu, Associate Head of the Department of Journalism. He said Ms Chiu had given him valuable advice on the selection and review of the topic, and how to collect information and protect the privacy of interviewees. Her guidance contributed greatly to the outcome of the video.
Organised by China Daily Hong Kong Edition, the competition received more than 600 entries from 26 universities in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and Mainland China. 

浩暉的參賽作品題目為「Whatsapps 新世代」,為時十分鐘的新聞專題短片,透過多個典型個案,從不同角度剖釋手機即時短訊,如何滲入社會各階層,並成為現今世代不可或缺的溝通方法。現已投身電子傳媒的浩暉坦言,不少人以為新聞系學生較擅長新聞寫作,其實他們同樣可以利用拍攝及剪接等技巧進行深入報道,今次得獎讓他對未來的發展更有信心。