Dr Kwan Hiu-yee receives the Travel Award from the Asia Oceania Association for the Study of Obesity for her outstanding research


Date: 13 Oct 2015 (Tuesday)


SCM scholar wins Travel Award from Asia Oceania Association for the Study of Obesity


Dr Kwan Hiu-yee, Research Assistant Professor of the Teaching and Research Division of the School of Chinese Medicine, received from the Asia Oceania Association for the Study of Obesity a Travel Award which went towards the cost of her trip to Nagoya, Japan for The 8th Asia-Oceania Conference on Obesity 2015 held earlier from 2-4 October.
Dr Kwan’s award-winning study examined the interplay between adipocytes and cancer cells. Adipose tissue, considered as an endocrine organ, can regulate systemic energy balance and metabolism. The unique and canonical function of adipocytes is to store energy as triglyceride and release fatty acids for other tissues and organs. 
In her study, Dr Kwan found that the fatty acids released from adipocytes target the Akt signaling pathway, thereby increasing cancer cell proliferation. This study has revealed a mechanism by which adipocytes may promote cancer growth which was previously unknown, and has identified potential molecular targets for the treatment of cancer, especially obesity-related cancers.

在這項研究中,關博士發現脂肪細胞釋放的脂肪酸,可以通過靶向Akt信號傳導途徑增加癌症細胞的增殖。研究不但揭示了一個解釋脂肪細胞如何促進癌細胞生長的全新機制,並提出了可用於治療癌症 (特別是與肥胖有關癌症) 的分子靶點。