Dr Cathy Lui (third from left) presents her company’s strategies at a forum held in Manila from 14 to 16 September 2015.


Date: 07 Oct 2015 (Wednesday)


HKBU’s spin-off biotech company named 2015 Red Herring Top 100 Asia

浸大科技初創企業獲選Red Herring亞洲百強

OPER Technology Limited, one of HKBU’s first batch of technology spin-off companies, made it to the list of 100 companies chosen for The Red Herring Top 100 Asia Award. The honour was presented to selected technology start-ups in Asia in recognition of their achievements and contributions to science and mankind.

OPER Technology Limited was set up in November 2014 by Dr Cathy Lui, HKBU alumna turned entrepreneur who concurrently holds the post of HKBU Research Associate and CEO of the Company, and Professor Ken Yung, Associate Head and Professor of the Department of Biology of HKBU and Chairman of the Company, with the aim of commercialising their findings from research conducted at HKBU using the fund granted by the Government’s Innovation and Technology Commission under the 2014-15 Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities.

The judging panel for the Award commended this HKBU technology spin-off company, saying it shows great promise in innovation, and hence it was selected from a pool of hundreds of start-ups across Asia. Dr Cathy Lui said her team was honoured to receive the award which testifies to their contribution to the field of biotechnology at an internationally advanced level.

This promising start-up has racked up many awards, including Best Poster Award at Faraday Discussion in 2014 and International Travel Award at the second Taiwan International Congress of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders.

OPER Technology Limited is a pioneer in a new technology which successfully extracts stem cells from adult animals and transplants the manipulated stem cells back into the same animal. Unlike the traditional use of embryonic stem cells, this novel technique may reduce ethical disputes and offers a genetically stable means of therapy with lower risks of transplant rejection by the immune system. For more details of this new technology, please refer to: http://hkbuenews.hkbu.edu.hk/?t=press_release_details/345

For the full list of the finalists of The Red Herring Top 100 Asia Award, please visit: http://www.redherring.com/events/red-herring-asia/2015-shortlist/

浸大首批科技初創企業之一薈新科技,獲Red Herring評選為2015年亞洲首100間初創企業獎,該獎項嘉許在亞洲區新成立的科技企業對科學和人類的成就與貢獻。



薈新科技亦曾贏得不少其他獎項,包括2014年Faraday Discussion學術討論會最佳學術海報獎,以及獲邀出席第二屆台灣柏金遜症與動作障礙疾病國際研討會。


有關2015年度Red Herring亞洲首100初創企業獎的所有入圍企業,可瀏覽:http://www.redherring.com/events/red-herring-asia/2015-shortlist/