Tse Wing-lam is honoured with the Outstanding Service Awards for Tertiary Students for her brilliant record of voluntary service


Date: 17 Sep 2015 (Thursday)


HKBU student wins outstanding service award for exemplary voluntary work

浸大生熱心貢獻社群 喜奪「傑出學生服務獎」

Tse Wing-lam (Translation, Year 4) recently won the Outstanding Service Awards for Tertiary Students jointly presented by the Hong Kong Student Services Association and the Hong Kong Outstanding Tertiary Students’ Services Association in recognition of her exceptional record of voluntary service, extracurricular activities, academic achievements and leadership potential. She is one of the 20 students from local tertiary institutions who were honoured with the award this year.
Of the many voluntary activities Wing-lam has participated in, a large proportion were devoted to the advocacy of children’s rights. She is keen to find out the true meaning of voluntary work. Wing-lam currently serves as a member of UNICEF Club Taskforce to assist Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF in organising training programmes for secondary school students, so as to facilitate learning of child rights and personal growth. She also has a wealth of voluntary work experience in a number of charities and welfare groups, including Po Leung Kuk BMCPC Life Education and Elderly Support Centre, Community Business, The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council, Hong Kong Family Welfare Society and the University’s Rotaract Club, through which she realised that the essence of being a volunteer is to help people benefit more.
Through volunteering, Wing-lam hopes to encourage more people to explore the true meaning of voluntary work and motivate more people, based on respect and responsibilities, to assist those in need and enable them to enjoy their rights.

謝穎琳同學 (翻譯學四年級) 最近獲得由香港學生事務協會和香港傑出專上學生服務協會頒發「傑出學生服務獎」,表揚她在義務工作、課外活動、學術表現和領袖潛能等方面的卓越表現,成為今年20位得獎的大專學生之一。
穎琳專注於兒童權利教育的義工服務,經常反思參與義工的真正意義。她現義務擔任聯合國兒童基金香港委員會UNICEF Club校園計劃的專責小組成員,協助舉辦校園活動、提供多元化訓練活動,促進中學生學習兒童權利及個人成長。她亦先後於多個機構和組織參與義務工作,包括保良局華永會生命教育及長者支援中心、社商賢匯、鄰舍輔導會、香港家庭福利會和浸大扶輪青年服務團,從中體會到當義工的意義是為了幫助別人得到更多。