The activity helps enrich visitors’ understanding and knowledge of using different ingredients according to the seasons as a method of preventive healthcare


Date: 31 Jul 2015 (Friday)


Chinese Medicine Society organises festival on seasonal healthcare


The Chinese Medicine Society organised the 16th Chinese medicine festival at Avon Mall in Fanling from 24 to 26 July to promote seasonal healthcare with an array of healthy diets. Through free consultations, talks, an exhibition, music and dance performances, game booths, quizzes on Chinese medicine, the festival introduced to members of the public the Chinese medicine principles of adapting healthcare and cuisine to seasonal changes in order to enhance their knowledge of practical measures to prevent diseases.
In the perspective of Chinese medicine, the world is a harmonious and holistic entity where all human beings are viewed in relation to the surrounding environment and nature. The human body is directly and indirectly affected by changes in the weather and will have corresponding physiological responses. The activities enabled the visitors to better understand the importance of healthy living and good dietary habits in preventing diseases and maintaining good health.