The two sets of national coding rules and codes for Chinese medicines formulated by Professor Lu Aiping and other experts


Date: 06 Jul 2015 (Monday)


Professor Lu Aiping offers expertise to formulate two sets of national Chinese medicine coding rules and codes


Professor Lu Aiping, Dean of the School of Chinese Medicine, has taken part in the formulation of two sets of national coding standards for Chinese medicines, namely "Coding rules for Chinese medicinal formulae and their codes" and "Coding rules for Chinese medicines and their codes", which were promulgated recently by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of PRC and the Standardisation Administration of PRC. These national standards which come into force on 1 December 2015, will help promote the standardisation of Chinese medicines, strengthen the central government's regulation of the Chinese medicines market as well as enhance the safety and effectiveness of medicines for the benefit of the public.

Initiated by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the formulation of the two sets of national standards for Chinese medicines was the result of the combined efforts of more than 70 experts including, amongst others, Professor Liao Liping and Professor Lu Aiping. These two new sets of coding rules, which convert Chinese medicine formulae and Chinese medicine into Arabic numerals, not only enhance the efficiency of preparing clinical prescriptions and medical records, they also facilitate research and teaching and strengthen the central government's regulation of pharmaceutical enterprises, medical institutions and the medical industry. 

Professor Lu Aiping said that the codes provide a unified system of identification and labelling of species and specifications of Chinese medicines, thereby eliminating the confusion arising from the use of different names for the same medicine or the use of the same name for different Chinese medicines. Once implemented, the codes will enhance the efficiency of information management in hospitals as well as ensure drug safety and foster the advancement of the Chinese medicines industry.